Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The statue were contribute by prayer,,,well,,,3000USD. worth it ?

I found some nice proverb on the signboard,,,and make you feel comfortable

This handsome guy is my younger brother,,his post indicate that he is still "single" as his is posting "James bond" style. As we know "james bond" got many girl friends.
Jean is my lovely wife,,,,,and Can all of you found that she is now pregnancy. My lovely baby will born on April 2008...
"Hello,,,baby,,,dady miss you"

Mid of OCT,,night at Taipei,,,I Love the fruit stall and other as well,,,
Are you going to miss the food
Anyway Taiwan "Sting" sayo cake can not compare to mainland,,,What do you think?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Yes,,,he is my son,,,,4 year old,,,coming to 5 year old.
Favour cartoon : Powe ranger, ultraman, Tom and Jerry, Ben 10, plus many many,,
Favour food : Chicken,,,KFC,,,
Favour game : Don't know yet,,,always change,,
Favour spot : shopping for power range or ultraman VCD or DVD

Her name is Michelle,,,2 year old

Her favour cartoon : Ultraman (I can't believe it,,,)

Her favour food : bread,,all kind of bread

Her favour spot place : shopping,,particular women shoe shop,,,trust me,,she will take the sample one by one and wear it. (does not look like two year old girl)

Hello,,My name is Jr Teh Huan Loong

where am i?,,I am in the right back row in the picture. The lady stand on the right ride is my lovely wife. The older couple were my parent and they are holding my son and daughter. The rest were my young brother and sister.